Michael Johnston is a retired educator pursuing her dream of producing fine art photographs with emphasis on equines. Her love for photography began as a child inspired by her aunt who took stunning black and white photos and developing them in her darkroom. Horses at liberty are a special inspiration in Michael’s work.

Michael developed her keen eye and aesthetic through years of independent study and honed her craft in digital photography at Light Photographic Workshops, Los Osos with instructors Hal and Victoria Schmitt, among others. She studied with equine fine art photographers Tony Stromberg, Scott Trees, Carien Schippers and Sherron Sheppard; and continues to explore new methodologies through online training. In May, 2016, Michael traveled to Portugal with Tony to photograph Lusitano horses at various stud farms around Lisbon.

Michael notes, “Photographing horses at liberty and wranglers doing what they do are my focus. I want to capture the power, grace, beauty, individual expressions, and stories of horses and their keepers. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy photographing them.” 

Michael Johnston Photography